The kindness of strangers

It’s true. Sometimes, you rely on the kindness of strangers when you're in a foreign land and you don’t speak the language. I was a recipient of such kindness on a train during my very first trip to Morocco. We had just landed in Casablanca and armed with my poor version of “Deux billets pour... Continue Reading →

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Bukhara a living museum

It got more and more interesting as we traveled west to the smaller but equally historically rich cities in the Silk Route. After Samarkand, our next destination was Bukhara. It is 2000 years old and is a perfect example of a typical medieval Central Asian city that has remained largely intact. Like the other cities,... Continue Reading →

Enthralling Wadi Rum

“No man can live this life and emerge unchanged. He will carry.. the imprint of the desert… and he will have within him the yearning to return…. For this cruel land can cast a spell which no temperate clime can match.’” T.E. Lawrence Still ecstatic after my Petra experience, I thought there was no other place in Jordan... Continue Reading →

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