Around Aroumd

Nothing other than pride prompted Ugu and I to decline the offer for an easier alternative to the mountain village of Aroumd. It would’ve been awfully embarrassing to be the only ones in the group to be mounted on mules that were meant to carry our packs.

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Kadija and friends. They followed us to the Gite and kept us company.



The uphill trek was gradual and the trail rocky but wide. Anyone may consider it a walk in the Park. The issue was, that we were unfit and we knew we were going to be short of breath soon. But trek we did and what made it bearable were feeble guises to stop for photos and the fantastic view from the trail.


_DIN8300 copy
The little girl on the right is Kadija. She and friends followed us to the Gite and kept us company.

In an hour or so, we finally arrived at our rustic accommodation, Gite Omar Id Mansour. Water from the tap was ice cold, most of us didn’t have the courage to take a full bath. Me included.

Gite Omar Id Mansour

Some hiked to a place called Sidi Chamarouch, while I stayed to spend a more leisurely afternoon exploring the tiny village.

Aroumd is a quiet Berber village, a serious Trekker’s jump-off to Mount Toukbal, and a place of simplicity in the midst of a striking and stunning landscape.

Afternoon in the quiet village

What I cherished the most about our stay was the warmth of the locals, the home cooked meals and what seemed like an overflowing service of sweet mint tea and cookies while everyone wrapped in thick wool blankets enjoyed a game of cards on a chilly September night.

How authentic can a meatball tangine get.
How authentic can a meatball tangine get.
A night of bonding over a game of cards
A night of bonding over a game of cards

Gites in Morocco are Guesthouses or family run accommodations. Aroumd (1,945m) is an hour’s trek from Imlil (1,740m). They are villages in the high Atlas Mountains. Imlil is 60 kilometers south of Morocco and can be reached by Grand Taxi or by truck from Marrakech. The road ends in Asni and then you travel by foot to Imlil.

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