Once on this private island

_DIN5160 My friends and I were accompanied to view each of the spacious, airy, understated and beautifully designed villas that blended well with the lush surroundings. There were eight villas and there were only five of us. We wanted to have one each and at first, it was hard to decide who gets which as they were all pretty. In the end the men took the ones from the left side of the main house while Vanj and I chose each of ours from the opposite side.

We were on a 125 acre tropical island paradise and had it all to ourselves for a few days.



One of the outdoor showers

A myriad of activities were available for us to try and enjoy in the remote but secure private hideaway that was as unpretentious as it was luxurious. It was fully staffed with a private chef at our beck and call.

I could have gone scuba diving as there was a dive master ready to take me to the house reef any time, we could have taken the jet skis to the nearby islands, learned to windsurf, hiked around the island or have gotten a massage maybe.

But we happily chose to simply feel at home, find our own little own corner and take life at our own pace.




The main living area where we usually lounged around


I chose to read my book in peace, sometimes in the comfort of a large cushioned seat in my veranda, sometimes by the poolside or in the cabana by the pier. Ugu enjoyed long restful naps in his villa, Vanj took leisurely dips on the pool, Tony made friends with the dog and lounged on the main house while he and mike  watched the games on wide screen, Mike tested the kitchen by ordering something he thought they couldn’t deliver, but did.


_DIN5216The island was breathtaking but we didn’t mind staying indoors too.





We swam on the clear waters, explored some parts of the island, slept when we chose, ate what we wanted, when we wanted. We were lazy and relaxed and pampered.

Cocktails where served in a snap, food was fresh and superb, the staff moved stealthy; we had complete privacy and freedom to move around in an exceptionally beautiful place.



One can get to the island by chopper or by sea plane, but we took the longer but less costly route and flew commercial to the nearest airport and then went by speed boat that took us forever getting there and back. It was a hell of a journey but it was worth it.

Sometimes, the nicest places are harder to reach.







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